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Default 8.1 -> 8.2: do I need to upgrade my ports first?

Good morning to you all

After quite some absence (and not using my 8.1 box a lot) I have a little spare time left. I noticed 8.2 is available, and so I decided to ruin my box again and completely () by upgrading from 8.1 RELEASE to 8.2 RELEASE by using the freebsd-update procedure.

Of course, this box not being used a lot for quite some months now is lagging behind on a serious number of ports; they are now outdated, as portversion -vl '<' shows.

The list is way too big to post here, I would be banned for flooding this post

What would be wisdom? upgrade all these ports first, or do freebsd-update first and then upgrade the ports? It is especially a point of worry since not only has upgrading a large number of ports proved to be quite difficult to me in the past, but I also saw that the upgrade to 8.2 RELEASE seems to be causing some problems (I've read Vermaden posting some necessary patches didn't make it to the 8.2 RELEASE?)

Btw, this is only a desktop with KDE4 and the usual desktop stuff like Firefox, Openoffice, and such.

Thank you in advance for any wise suggestions

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