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>Uhm, fstef, why change your loongson hardware if 5.4 -release works on it? I think I am >missing the point of doing this.

>Using -release has the advantage of being in sync with the release packages, and using >the pkg_* utilities is one of the fantastic aspects of OpenBSD in my experience. They just >work.

Well, the problem is: the scim package from the loongson repository packages doesn't work, at lest in my machine. I know work in other machine, in virtual box, but not in mine.
I wrote an email to the package maintainer about this problem, but I think he can't reply to my, because you know : "what's wrong whit you? the code is fine"(M.W. Lucas).
The funny thing is I can read the scim message tell me it is running but I the ps(1)
command can't find the scim daemon run.
But I can't do nothing, and if I can't to write chinese characters the machine is useless.