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Originally Posted by anomie View Post
C'mon, it's not like this is the man screwing over the little guy here. Your original sig was vulgar and offensive!

You're not a lawyer, and I'm not a lawyer, so let's save the Bill of Rights analysis for someone who knows what s/he is actually talking about.

Just let it go. If you're itching to protest something, go protest the tremendous deficit that is threatening to sink this great country.
This is My take on president Bush sense you so kindly asked me to share. he happens to be the biggest shrub ever elected so Lets Just take him out of the white house plant him and give him a good old watering.
Google Linux is a Green Horns Best Friend (GHBF).
Windows = a 32 bit extensions to a 16 bit patch to an 8 bit operating system originally coded for a four bit processor written by 2-bit monopolistic software company founded by a .3-bit Harvard Drop out, who can't stand one respectable bit of competition.
If I believe something to be immoral a will not keep quite and let my voice of annoyance be heard loud and clear.
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