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Default five reasons why OpenBSD is recommended to newbies within the BSD family

Hi everybody !

While admitting that all three BSD Giants are excellent , mature , and secure operating systems .. I must confess -as a total newbie- that OpenBSD is the kindest to newbies for the following reasons at least :

* Straitforward installation steps , be it on intel or on powerpc machines ..

* Great documentation faqs .. although sometimes a beginner can find it hard to understand some technical jargon and so may fail to fully understand content ..

* secure-by-default settings ..

* OpenBSD is ready to connect and surf the web right after installation ..

* OpenBSD is clean and tidy as far as the package system is concerned .. a beginner won't get lost searching for the right ports.tar.gz (think : NetBSD'S pkgsrc.**.tar.gz) .. as well as with packages .. they well represent their respective OS versions ..

again that's a merely newbie evaluation which may not make sense for davanced users .. so please don't get upset ..
Some would favor pcBSD .. but the PBI philosophy is anti-unix as packages gets duplicated ..

We love and respect all the BSDs ..

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