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Ocicat , Jgimmi , thanks very much .. I'm learning new things

and yet I still consider OpenBSD the most likely to lead a noob to a successful Alternative OS the easiest way .. on legacy or new hardware .. ppc or intel
I'm not talking out of void although being a newbie .. examples ?
ok :

* I was using MacOSx 10.3.9 (Panther) on Bondie Blue .. that was the ultimate OSX solution possible .. so I was using insecure backdated software .. unless it be an offline gui OS , it's not anybody's solution ..
Now I'm running OpenBSD current on it .. with X working ..

* I was using MacOSX 10.4.11 (Tiger) on ibook Dual USB as the most recent possible OSX version .. still , it run slowly and hang several times .. so ? I installed OpenBSD which was warmly welcome ..

* an old Intel Xeon Precision Workstation never had been in full extasy until OpenBSD visit ...
* my old fragile tiny dell which ran windows .. never felt shorter of breath since openbsd as installed on it .. I used to use the OS for surfing/xchat/amule/..etc ..
* my current Acer Aspire 5610 .. there was a PcBSD here before .. but the PBI thing wasn't my cup of tea .. X server broke many times .. unneeded fancy features .. unstable kde4 .. security comes last .. not to talk about another important feature OpenBSD would not deny its users from : gaining knowledge .. (will+time are needed though ..)

Truth be said , slackware & debian worked well .. but once I landed on OpenBSD territory .. the new OS just ECLIPSED the rest ..

FreeBSD .. the other giant .. I simply never had to use it ..since PcBSD's last crash ..
I dont care how much time it might cost me to fully master the OS .. what's important *NOW* is that it pushed me -a total newbie- to go further and *deepen* (lol ! you may laugh at it now :-) ) my learning experience a far as OpenBSD/BSD/UNIX are concerned ..
as simple as this ..

" I concluded that all is well "
Oedipus .

ps . I challenge those advocating other *Nixes to do the following :
* successfully install slackintosh/yellowdog/crux/debian/fedora on ibook (dual usb) or imac .. without ening up with major issues like X issue+boot issue+speed+performance++ ..
* gain the same level of stability/security while using that alternative *Nix OS ..

Sorry .. this is not being stubborn .. it's being honest, to oneself ..
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