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Originally Posted by mbzadegan
For the Recognition phase by OS I did not get a usefull answer yet.
Yes, you have been given useful answers, but they are not the answers you want.

Originally Posted by ibara
These devices are not yet supported in OpenBSD. You would have to write drivers for them.
Originally Posted by LeFrettchen
Even Windows has a really bad driver for this LAN adapter...
The knowledgeable people on the board have informed you that your particular piece of hardware has little to no support on BSDs. And they also offered two solutions.
Originally Posted by ibara
Alternatively, purchase a supported USB Ethernet and/or USB WiFi module.
Originally Posted by jggimi
If you require the use of a particular hardware component at a particular point in time, you must choose an OS which can exploit that hardware at that point in time. Whether that OS is one of the BSDs or not.
Complaining that you do not like the answers will not change reality.

Originally Posted by mbzadegan
What Is the usefull book to develop device drivers manually by myself?
If you can do it that is great, both for you and other people who have that hardware, but I think ibrara's suggestion would be easier. (Unless your NoteBook does not have USB ports.)
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