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Default Novice Unix Questions

I'm trying to setup up a multi-wan (multi-port) router with WAP capabilities.
  • Assembled a micro-ATX with an Intel dual core processor using 1GB DRR memory and an 8GB sata flash module.
  • In addition to an embedded Gbit ethernet port included a micro-PCI 3 Gbits ports.
  • Using a riser card installed a DWA-552 card for WAP
  • Installed zeroshell 1.0beta16 and used it successfully with the exception of WAP whereby the wireless card isn't recognized.
NOW the real deal or tough part!!
  • Repartition the flash module by installing OpenBSD 5.0 install50.iso
  • Rebooted successfully with a static ipv4 address assigned to re0(
  • Assign network ids to the remaining 3 wired ports.
  • Assign the DWA-552 in master mode for WAP services.
  • Configure PF I really need this because it has support for IPv6.
  • Install and configure DNS and DHCP.
  • Enable remote access with a web based GUI.

My problem is with the incomplete portion of my task.
*I don't know how to get access to the port/package collection! I think it may be on the install50.iso CD but alias how do I install what is needed?

*Only myself would have access to the router. I thought webmin (unless there is some other freeware out there that can do better) would do a great job. Alias all I read is security problems with webmin!! So what do I do?

* If I have to download webmin (unless other). I could download it on my windows 7 computer to a usb flash drive but how do I install the package/port then on the openbsd machine?
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