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Originally Posted by npumcrisz View Post
Ocicat would I be able remotely configure the openbsd machine?
There are a number of available options.
If I could, will that possibly be via an utility such as "VNC"?
This is a graphical third-party application option -- which means that the bandwidth requirements will be higher than other options I will mention later. Nevertheless, there are a number of third-party VNC (Virtual Network Computing) applications available in the packages/ports system:

Wikipedia has a generalized article on VNC here.

As for other options, there is the SSH protocol. OpenSSH (ssh(1)) is part of OpenBSD's base installation. SSH clients can be found on virtually operating systems including Windows (PuTTY).

VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions also exist. OpenVPN has been ported to OpenBSD:

OpenVPN is also an application which has been ported to other Unix-like operating systems. You will also find several books available on use/configuration.

Wikipedia also has an article here.

IPsec is also part of OpenBSD's base installation. A number of manpages will need to be studied; starting at ipsec(4) is a good beginning. Configuring IPsec is perhaps more challenging than OpenVPN, but IPsec (as a protocol) is integrated into OpenBSD's kernel. OpenVPN is a userland third-party application.

Wikipedia has an article on IPsec here.

One of the values of VPN solutions is that this addresses "road warriors" who may be connecting to servers from any IP address. With SSH, you will need to decide how port 22 (or whatever port you choose to use...) will be exposed to the Internet.
As for me if l dare to say, remote is a must.
This is not a problem. While you are free to use graphical environments, they require more network resources. There also have been occasional security issues in the past. The other options I have mentioned are based on fundamental protocols, & may give you more latitude in terms of how you connect remotely.

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