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See the boot_config(8) and boot(8) man pages
These both are clear and straight forward enough, thanks.
I was not able to even think of what possible 'man' pages I should look at, so this
is a big help.
How ever the list of
such as probe a specific device or device class
the list of devices, is very long, so it is not just 1 specific device.
In a nut shell , it does not look like I will be able to install OpenBsd, on this particular hardware,
it is a pretty old computer , a friend gave it to me.
It may take me a while to try some things based on what the manuals say, but I have my doubts, and since NetBsd sort of "just worked", and is installed , I may just go with that.
Another thought, is to try some older version of OpenBsd, and see if that works better.
Anyway, thanks for pointing me to those 2 manuals and this:
At the boot> prompt, enter the User Kernel Config tool with the "-c" option.
These will prove useful for sure, and are new "commands" to me.
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