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Default Disklabel problem


I have FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Linux (with Grub as boot loader) installed on my laptop and I want to install NetBSD into a logical partition. When sysinst shows the default disklabel, there are three partitions, whose mount point is "/": not only NetBSD partiton, but also OpenBSD partition and FreeBSD partition. Does it mean, that NetBSD will use all the three partitions as its root partition...? The other thing I don't undestand is, why OpenBSD and FreeBSD are under f: and g:. I have found out that
"NetBSD reserves the c: partition which represents the entire hard disk, i: through p: are reserved for partitions belonging to other operating systems other than NetBSD (for example Windows or Linux partitions), with a:, b: and d: - h: available for NetBSD specific partitions."

Disklabel displayed by sysinst looks as follows (in MB):
  - start -   - end -   - size -    - FS -       - new FS -    - mount -   - mount point -
a:  152382   177910     25529     FFSv1             yes         yes            /
b:  177911   178039     128       swap
c:  152382   178039     25658     NetBSD partition
d:  0        238474     238475    whole disk
e:  1        9000        9000     unknown [Windows]
f:   9005    49386      40382     unknown [OpenBSD]                            /
g: 49387     99385       49999    FFSv2 [FreeBSD]                              /
h:  0        0            0          unused  
i:   99386     149384     49999    Linux ext2
j:   149385   152281     2996       swap [Linux swap]
Of course, I cannot proceed with install without understanding these things. I'm afraid that NetBSD installation will cause other BSD systems not to boot (I have read other threads about putting multiple BSDs on one HDD).

Any idea appreciated.
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