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Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
4.8 release? there really isn't any reason to be building ports at all.. the requirements will well exceed the partition size.

That is a very strange layout, I'm not sure why you chose those sizes.

Use packages to fit within the alloted space, while I can't be entirely sure from that partial layout.. but a partition immediately proceeds /usr which would prevent growing it, perhaps you could recreate /usr if you reserved some space near the end of the partition.

Yeah I'm on 4.8. I have shrunk /home by 3 gig, should I delete the /usr and create new or how do I go about it. 'r' shows handful of free space.

I had Linux installed first and openbsd labeled all the partitions, that is why the partition entries appear strange.

If I delete and re-create slices, will I be able to boot back.

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