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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
You cannot easily remove /usr or "move" it. You cannot do so while the system is running. It is possible to do so, but you have not, in your questions, shown that you have the *nix administration skills to do so. A complete reinstallation is advised. You will not have to "build" anything to do so.

I recommend that as a complete beginner, you start with ONE SINGLE BIG FILESYSTEM, "/". Don't bother setting up separate partitions until you have learned how to install, manage, and use the OS.

Keep swap space. The general recommendation is twice the size of your RAM, unless you have special requirements.
I did
cp -Rp /usr /home/usr
It copied stuff to '/home', nuked swap (I don't like it). Now there is space before 'd' or '/usr'. I tried nuking '/usr' and created 4G slice but wasn't able to mount it; had to undo that.

I guess I have fair *nix skills, got 30 OS (including OpenBSD) on my box, have built FreeBSD, NetBSD, Gentoo & Arch.

How do I link '/usr' to '/home/usr' for PKG_PATH. I on vacation and wont mind spending time on this.


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