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How do I link '/usr' to '/home/usr' for PKG_PATH.
If you insist on putting /usr under /home, $PKG_PATH is not going to be your biggest problem.

Important structures like /usr/bin, /usr/sbin, /usr/libexec, and /usr/lib are required just to to operate the OS. By the way, /usr/include is needed to "build" anything. And, since you mentioned GDM, you might find /usr/X11R6 of value, also, since that's needed for the X Windows System. There are many other structures under /usr that required for normal operation or maintenance. The hier(7) man page lists a number of them.

To move or resize /usr, you will need to operate the OS in single-user mode. And you will need to avoid executing any utilities from within /usr/bin or /usr/sbin or /usr/libexec during the operation.

You used cp(1) to create your replica, but that is not best practice for replicating filesystem, as it does not deal with hard links, device nodes, named pipes, or other special files. Far better tools would be dump(8) and restore(8), tar(1), cpio(1), or pax(1).

To "mount" /home/usr as /usr, you could create a local NFS mount, or create an iso image of /home/usr and mount it.. But:
This is not recommended, because you will have created an unsupportable, non-standard environment. A "Frankensystem". Unsupportable: no one will be able to answer questions about any problems that occur -- nor will anyone want to. And unsupported by the OpenBSD Project: no bug reports will be accepted or acted upon.
nuked swap (I don't like it).
In the event all available memory is consumed by running processes or the kernel:
  1. applications will fail
  2. or the system will panic
  3. or the system will hang
The specific failure mode will depend on what particular service happened to request memory and fail to obtain it. Your likes or dislikes will not change this fact.
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