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Default ezjail /usr/home users and groups question

I created a couple of jails using ezjail and decided against having an admin type login for either jail. Instead ive been just using the jexec command to enter the jails and admin them. Only one of the jails have a ssh login set up and the other only runs an ftpd. The ftpd is pure-ftpd. Well when I am logged in under my normal login change to the /usr/jail/jailname/usr/home/ directory and look at the owner/group of the user/users in the home directory they dont match what shows when I go in to the jails using the jexec command. In fact they both have a very strange owner/group when looking at them from my normal login. When viewing them by entering the jails using the jexec command they display what I would expect. My question is, who should the owner and group of these be when viewing them not logged in to the jail? It seems to have picked strange owners and groups for these and im not sure why.
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