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Default Feasibility: "Load Balance Outgoing Traffic" with 2 NICs only

Hello everybody,

First please bear in mind I'm quite a beginner at networking, routing and firewalling, so I probably have lots of naive misconceptions about stuff

Here's the problem:
At work we have a small 192.168.0.x LAN with several mainstream ADSL routers,254,255.
Every PC on the network picks a gateway randomly, and it is quite a suboptimal mess.

So i was researching about pf to see if I could create a custom gateway that would use all these ADSL routers and dispatch connections automagically.

I found "Load Balance Outgoing Traffic" at the pf faq.

The example seems to need one network card per external gateway (ext_gw1 and ext_gw2)
Is it because the gateways are not on the same network?
Or is it something more complicated?

I infer if there were n external gateways with this technique, the pf machine would need n+1 network adapters.

Bottomline: Is it possible to adapt such a setup with only two network cards if the ADSL routers are on the same network?

Thanks in advance for considering my question, if you have good on line tutorials about stuff you think I didn't understand, I'm all open!

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