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I'll try to keep this simple.

Imagine you are standing in a room that has a dozen computers in it. Imagine you are holding a single networking cable in your hands. That cable has two ends:

Let us imagine that you connect each end of this cable into two of the computers. The two computers are able to send signals back and forth, over this single cable. None of the other ten computers in the room has access to the signals travelling over the cable. The two computers are able to use this cable to communicate privately. They use this cable as a private network.

Imagine now, that you unplug the cable from those two computers, and carry it to a third computer. Now, imagine that you plug both ends of that cable into Ethernet ports on that single, third computer. Note that the third computer can't really use that cable for anything but talking to itself. It can't talk to any other computers in the room with it.


That imaginary room is the Internet. That imaginary cable is a VPN.


You keep asking how to plug both ends of a single cable into one computer, or into two computers in your home, then use that to communicate with other computers privately on the Internet. You don't. You can't.

Edited to add:

If you hire a third party VPN service, it's the same as hiring a local ISP from a security/privacy standpoint. Your communications exiting and entering the remote endpoint can still be monitored. And, depending on how encryption keys for the VPN are managed, the privacy of communication "tunnelled" within the VPN -- the virtual cable -- may be exposed. Lastly, the cable is only virtual. Encrypted traffic is still traffic. Metadata such as ip addresses, protocol, and port may disclose the VPN and its endpoints, and "side channel" metadata such as packet length and timing may disclose the type of communications being conducted.

Third party VPN service provider security/privacy was discussed with you previously, beginning here.

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