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Default Installing OpenBsd on large drives, over 2tb

Hi every one, I got a new (used) PC, desktop, it is a this point I don't think the specs matter much, so any way here is what I am wondering about:
The PC did not come with any HD, something I missed when I ordered it. So I am installing 2 hds. It actually could take 6 hd's, but 2 is more then enough for me.
The thing is, all they have available are 2 drives that are some what larger then I planned, 1 is 3tb, the other 4tb.
Does any one here have experience with installing OpenBsd to this size of drives ?
I did some search and read about GPT, but get the impression it is not necessary, and think I would prefer not to use it.
My thoughts are to let the installer pretty much use the default layout,..except I like a bigger K: /home partition :
This is what I have on this PC now, :
garry$ df -h
Filesystem     Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/sd0a     1005M    106M    848M    11%    /
/dev/sd0k      496G    121G    351G    26%    /home
/dev/sd0d      3.9G    1.8M    3.7G     0%    /tmp
/dev/sd0f      2.0G    910M   1002M    48%    /usr
/dev/sd0g     1005M    211M    744M    22%    /usr/X11R6
/dev/sd0h      9.8G    6.9G    2.5G    73%    /usr/local
/dev/sd0j      5.9G    2.0K    5.6G     0%    /usr/obj
/dev/sd0i      2.0G    2.0K    1.9G     0%    /usr/src
/dev/sd0e      9.7G    755M    8.5G     8%    /var
As you can see k: /home is almost 500G,
I am going to be just "aprox", on this, but if I use the "fdisk" e , and make the k: /home the same , 500G, I will still have close to 1400 G available. Could I add 2 more partitions, 700G each, IE: sd0l /storage and sd0m /storage-2 (note the l looks like a I to me, it is L but lowercase, l (if any letter is ok , maybe I use m, and n ?)
Any comments, other ideas, experiences, etc ?
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