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Originally Posted by Sensucht94 View Post
Personally, as I can't put up with sources occupying space on my little SD, and I don't plan on keeping track of Rpi official firmware updates, I am used to:
  1. upgrading my RPi3's userland to the latest daily arm64 snapshot with sysupgrade
  2. fetching the latest ARMv8 GENERIC64 image by j.McNeill from (lots of ARM bootable images here, with UEFI support)
  3. burning it somewhere, then rsyncing everything but my custom config.txt (overclocking, VGA monitor) from its /boot partition to my Rpi3's /boot dir
  4. reboot: voilĂ  uname will return the expected kernel version
Hope this helps,
today I gave it a try but it didn't work for me.
- I downloaded the image by j.McNeill (for RPI2)
- unpacked it
- mounted the IMG
- copied everything to my SD (modified the config.txt before)
- could not boot from SD

-> copied the old files to SD and I am able to boot again.

What's wrong?
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