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It is PPC as stated in the thread title.
In the past, if I did not use X -configure, xorg would not get things right, especially, I have to specify the HorizSync and VertRefresh.
OpenBSD 4.3 worked just fine (and so did 4.2) with the "iBooksHacks".
When I bought this macmini in 2005 (one of the first, I guess) it was to switch "from" mswindows, but then I found out I like mac osx even worst. The good is, it pushed me to learn unix. So I don't want to waste disk space for something I will never use. And as I said, things were just fine in 4.3. Actually, at the time I tried different OS: freebsd, netbsd, slackware, fedora, but openbsd overall gives less problems (or none at all), For examplel, with freebsd and slackware the fan keeps running, whereas there are no such problems with openbsd, the install is also easier with openbsd.

But that is really all out of topic
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