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Originally Posted by deadeyes View Post
I first updated my already running 7.2-RELEASE system to 8.0-RELEASE.
Using buildworld or freebsd-update?

When loading into the new kernel I got a kernel panic.
Which kernel? GENERIC or XEN? You need to build and install the XEN kernel, not GENERIC.

I can't install a normal 8.0-RELEASE system.
I gave up on Xen about a year ago. Haven't tested it since then. However, FreeBSD 8.0 does work in KVM, which uses SVM, so it should work in Xen.

Do note that I have not svm (AMD-V).
But as my previous install works (which was 7.2) I don't think this really matters.
All 3rd-generation Opterons have 4-digit model numbers. All 3rd-generation Opterons include SVM support. Thus, you definitely have SVM support in the CPU. Whether or not it's enabled in the BIOS, though?

However, it is physically impossible to run hardware-assisted virtualisation (HVM) without SVM enabled.

Thus, you do have SVM support, and you do have it enabled.

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