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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
Czesc Pjoter!

Do you use Sun Java Plug-in or Iced Tea? NetBSD was the first one among BSDs to have Iced Tea ported. I know that FreeBSD also got it. There has been some talk about that in OpenBSD community but nothing yet. Are you saying that Java Iced Tea on NetBSD is not as good as on Linux? What about Sun's via Linux emulation or native? OpenBSD Sun version was a bit outdated on OpenBSD (plug-in) but rock solid when I needed. On the another hand I am not serious Java consumer.

I tried to use Iced Tea plugin and Sun via Linux emulation- it didn't work- I was even posting that to pkgsrc mailing list. Pity but I must have working Sun java plugin as the applet is made to use only Sun (openjdk is not yet compatibile with Sun Java and therefore the problems). Nevermind- this can wait.

Pjoter, I am a Serb. I am alway ready for a war
And I am Polish Oko- this means something

t was just funny that you made a very strongly worded recommendation for FreeBSD over OpenBSD without
Yes but without intention to flamewar etc. Simply FreeBSD gives a better and more support- the same for packages- this is obvious.

Let's see how it goes with port creation.

Here is an example how to create port from scratch- frankly, if you read Makefile, etc from some working port you should be able to understand how to create a port.

Please see general pkgsrc guide:

There is also pkgsrc available in pdf:

For current sources please always go here (aslo you can find packages for different pkgsrc/NetBSD version):

I think this is all how can I help you.

Good luck and if you succeed post your port to pkgsrc wip:

Good luck !

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