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Used to use Debian and have been a Slackware user until recently.

The former went with systemd, the latter is still one of the few saner Linux distributions out there and is the only Linux distro I would recommend to others.

Debian's decision to go with systemd just confirmed my own suspicions that Red Hat have too much influence over the GNU/Linux eco system - and of course Canonical have too much influence over the Debian project itself. Despite developing their own init system, they were quick to also switch to systemd as soon as Debian made the announcement.

The wider problem with GNU/Linux is that it's not just about free software and GNU anymore. That seems to have gone out of fashion. Corporations now play a much bigger role.

It's interesting that the GPL licenses were supposed to be about freeing software entirely. But instead we've seen corporations simply owning or influencing the people and the projects themselves in order to control and manipulate the GPL software - (if they can't own it and close it off, then they steer it in whichever direction which suits them). systemd is just one example of a corporate backed putsch which is pretty much infesting everything.

The BSD licenses. which have been criticised by some for being too permissive, at least allows the big corporations to take what they want and leave the FOSS projects alone (unless they want to throw some money their way or donate some hardware, etc).
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