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Originally Posted by cynwulf View Post
Debian's decision to go with systemd just confirmed my own suspicions that Red Hat have too much influence over the GNU/Linux eco system - and of course Canonical have too much influence over the Debian project itself. Despite developing their own init system, they were quick to also switch to systemd as soon as Debian made the announcement.
When somebody contributes 85% of entire Linux kernel (like Red Hat) it seems very natural to call the shoots. The second largest contributor to Linux kernel is SUSE with more than 10%. Due to Debian's negligible contribution just like Canonical to Linux kernel it seems natural that they follow the leader. At least Canonical is footing the bill for Gnome. Debian is truly a hobby project and probably the largest contribution is that OpenSSL bug which they introduced couple of years ago to avoid compilation warrnings.

Originally Posted by cynwulf View Post
The BSD licenses. which have been criticised by some for being too permissive, at least allows the big corporations to take what they want and leave the FOSS projects alone (unless they want to throw some money their way or donate some hardware, etc).
You do not philosophically understand BSD licensing model which came out of academi and internal organization of BSDs at least until 1993.
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