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IPSEC by most standards is generally the preferred method for connecting network to network. However in your case it really doesn't make much sense. With IPSEC you will have slightly faster xfer speeds as the encryption overhead does not require as much CPU/RAM as PPTP. However -- PPTP in your case seems better suited. If all your wanting is a simple means to access files in a remote location -- you do not need to be connected 24/7, via IPSEC. Keep in mind that the more gateways you are connected to will require more to manage.

A more robust solution might be some of the other options other members have offered up. Personally for your basic services I would use some sort of virtualization, but thats me. It all depends on your needs and requirements, thus far to do what you described it quite easy, as many have offered good solutions.

In my opinion the best practice is to keep it simple.
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