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Originally Posted by darshadow View Post
I've installed OpenBSD 4.9 on a Netbook AOD255E and for resolve the problem with my Ethernet Card I should to install
a new patch diff : ""
diff(1) output posted to the tech@ mailing list is expected to be patched against -current. If you installed OpenBSD 4.9-release, you may well create an unstable or non-functioning system. Officially, the project would not support such a mixture of different versions.

If you are unclear as to the differences between -release & -current, study Section 5.1 of the FAQ.

Patching is discussed in Section 10.15 of the FAQ.

If you have an interface using the alc(4) driver & wish to see if newer code resolves any issues, install a snapshot of -current first. At that point, you can decide whether you want to apply any diffs found on tech@.

Lastly, the diff mentioned in your link above is dated January 2011 & affects the CVS version 1.8 of src/sys/dev/pci/if_alc.c. This diff is quite old, & may or may not apply as expected given that the most recent version is 1.12.

There has been more recent discussion regarding this interface on tech@:

My suggestion would be to study more recent discussion before installing a snapshot of -current if you feel newer code may be worth testing. After installing -current, you will have a platform in which you can test diff's posted to tech@ if you so choose.

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