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Originally Posted by Geoff. Lane
The only way to convince some people that HTML is about content, not style is with a 2x4 <PLANK>.

When I surf the web, I'm looking for content. If it looks sexy when I get there, that's nice but I'd rather find something _worthwhile_ while I'm at it.

I've seen some very, very attractively designed websites in flash, some that are even quite easy to use (if you have the right software) but simply put: If the product ya selling ain't worth [self censored] or the content is trivial, why do I want to spend an hour looking at your eye popping website when I can just turn a page in the manual or buy a better product?

Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
Now this is one I would sign!

Flash is complete and utter filth.. polluting the Internet, dang-it I want to enter a Coca-Cola contest once in my life without seeing a "Woah dude, Go here to upgrade your flash! blah blah" message.

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