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Question Fan control in OpenBSD

Alright I have a computer with OpenBSD on one hard disk and Windows XP on another hard disk. In OpenBSD my fans run loudly like a dumb appliance and in Windows XP they run less loud and less intensely. I used acpidump in OpenBSD and it showed both fans on my system in the output. My CPU doesn't have frequency scaling so that sysctl variable switch is out of the question. However, I think I should probably be able to control my fan via sensord and the adt driver with a shell script. I'm not in OpenBSD right now (I'm actually using windows XP right now) so I'm not going to provide information from stdout from my system etc.. (at least not right now). I doubt that information is necessary anyway since my next question is the whole point of this whole post : does someone have an example sensord shell script that is the same or somewhat similar to the one I'm planning to write ? If so please post it or point me to it. Since I'm merely asking for an example script to look at I didn't think it was necessary to post alot of my system details in this post. Thanks

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