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Intel's been pretty pissy with their drivers (unable to distinguish 'releasing specs for open source' and 'just writing a linux driver') so the wifi might give you a problem depending on the chip. Given the "supports a maximum of 1GB" I'm guessing this is old enough to not use the 4965agn chipset, so there's a chance it's still using the iwi driver which has come along pretty well in FreeBSD 7.

If the latest X is freaking out on the video card (also intel), you might want to uninstall the xf86-video-i810 (in ports) and install xf86-video-intel.

Or it could all be completely fine right out of the box. When the specs in the link are just generically "intel" it's a guess as to what specific chipsets are up on it. This looks like a laptop that FreeBSD will take to nicely though.
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