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Re: epsv4 off

I also use epsv4 off this in the .netrc file of Automating OpenBSD snapshot downloads with a .netrc file and as well in Tracking OpenBSD snapshots with some simple shell scripts

I just wonder why I did not use it in this particular one

Re: interrrupted ftp transfers

I cannot remember to ever had an interrupted ftp transfer from my favorite mirror.

My rule for selecting ftp sites is: if there isn't a suitable in your own country, use one in a not so big country with a good infrastructure, like Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway etc.

If I would have an interrupted ftp transfer using a .netrc I would simply remove the lines with the files already downloaded.

But using mreget, as you suggested, is of course is a more pro-active solution.

Unfortunately the OpenBSD ftp client only supports reget. And in case you wonder what the OpenBSD ftp client has to do with this. Well, I use a local OpenBSD ftp server to install both FreeBSD and OpenBSD from, so that is why.

RE: location of .netrc

Although ftp uses the HOME environment variable to locate .netrc, this can easily be overridden by using env as I pointed out in my guide. This works on both Open- and FreeBSD.

Besides manipulating the HOME variable with env, the FreeBSD ftp client has two additional ways to select a .netrc
  • Using the environment variable NETRC. As described in the FBSD ftp manpage: " An alternate location of the .netrc file."

  • A command line switch/option described in the same man page as
    -N netrc
    	      Use netrc instead of ~/.netrc.

BTW I wonder why in your example you need to be root to ftp. Seen from a security viewpoint, a bad example
You don't need to be a genius to debug a pf.conf firewall ruleset, you just need the guts to run tcpdump
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