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Originally Posted by FBSD View Post
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I don’t think you really booted the cd your scripts create. The floppy.image is booted and is on the cd as a file named floppy.image, but the flash and new bios img files are not there.
... I did booted int (on Dell e6400 laptop for example, flash.exe and bios.bin were on the same floppy image, not on CD itself (this it why I use 2.88 MB floppy instead of 1.44 MB one).

And for such a simple process you go and post scripts with out any explanations of what the scripts are doing.
... and my fault is that someone do not know what is happening? Please.
man ANY_COMMAND will tell him everything.

The reader has to be expert in writing scripts to even start understand what is happening. This sure is not a how to in my book
It shows how to simply create bootable ISO image and update BIOS, if You are not able to burn ISO image to CD in the operating system that you use, you definitely should not update BIOS ... PERIOD.

Someone just can take this script and use it, even without understanding it.

As sysadmin I all ways login as root.
... and You run X11 on root also?

All of them are exacly the same as mine, so whats the point?
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