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You have installed the August 17 snapshot for i386. If you installed the X filesets at the same time, you have an X Windows system that is currently in sync with that snapshot.

As a convenience
, from time to time the Project builds "snapshot packages" of ports for the major architectures. These are located at most mirrors in /pub/OpenBSD/snapshots/packages/<arch>/. They will never be exactly in-synch with a snapshot, nor with -current (which is always beyond the latest snapshot.) Some rebuilding of individual ports by -current users is to be expected, from time to time.

This is about binary synchronicity only, and has nothing to do with source code. -current source code changes constantly, except for brief windows twice per year as -releases are prepared. That window has already passed for 5.0-release, -current is beyond that point.

The source code is stored in three separate CVS repositories:

"src" -- the kernel and userland sources
"xenocara" -- the OpenBSD packaging of the X.Org source code
"ports" -- the ports tree, scaffolding for ported third party applications.

If you are a -current user, you have two choices:

Install a snapshot, and upgrade to a new snapshot whenever you feel the need.

Or, install a snapshot, then build -current from source.

For any source code building, keep your source repositories in sync with each other. That means, updated with the same tag (such as for -stable), or, if -current, updated from CVS within an hour or two of each other.
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