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Originally Posted by sepuku View Post
It might be my idea but it really is messy to find what you want sometimes in the FAQ.
You are not the first to make this observation.

I can only speak for myself, & the way I approach the FAQ is pro-active, not reactive. If I have a problem which needs to be researched, having a baseline understanding of "what" is addressed with "where" is better than coming at the documentation with no prior experience at all. Yes, I understand this doesn't necessarily help newcomers, but my recommendation to you would be to approach the FAQ as a book -- read it from beginning to end at least once. Sure, it may not all make sense or be pertinent to your immediate needs the first time, but with repeated searching, you will find some clarity. Despite its faults, the FAQ covers a lot of ground in only sixteen sections. I can't say that other non-BSD projects do better.
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