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Originally Posted by sepuku
i get Can't install "package" because of libraries for a lot of packages such as python.
There could be many reasons, but ... since we haven't seen the messages, we cannot tell you why this is occurring.

It is possible that you are pointing to the correct package path and there is a library out-of-sync; it happens from time to time as changes are made in -current to /usr/lib. But it is more likely that you were pointing to the wrong path -- attempting to install 4.9-release packages on a clean -current will fail due to the many library changes that have occurred since those packages were built in February.

But that is just a guess -- we have not seen the error messages.

If you want us to see the error messages, you'll find a tool like script(1) to be very helpful. In addition, filtering the output of script (usually the "typescript" file) through col(1) using the -b option will improve its readability.
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