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You are running a -current kernel, userland, and X. But you have not finished your upgrade. You must upgrade your architectural components to -current; they are still at 4.9-stable.

There have been many changes to OpenBSD's operational controls since 4.9. In particular, the rc(8) system has been significantly revised, the rc.d subsystem is now used by default for daemon management, both built-in and third party packages. The major changes you have missed are listed in the Following -current FAQ.

The sysmerge(8) program will help you merge the changes in /etc and /var that you have missed. It will automatically merge what it can, and ask you for guidance where needed.

If you don't use it, you will have to make these changes manually.

If you don't make these changes, either manually or with sysmerge, you are not running -current.


Edited to add: using the 4.9-release version of the ramdisk kernel to install or upgrade to -current is neither supported nor advised -- the installation scripts change over time; and an important change may have been missed.

You have the ramdisk kernel installed on hard drive, by the way. Booting the -release CD was not necessary. It is in your root directory -- /bsd.rd.
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