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Originally Posted by cbrace View Post
This HowTo is very helpful, thanks. One question:

If you are running STABLE, how then do you upgrade to a future version of FreeBSD? If you periodically need to recompile the base system from source, doesn't that significantly lessen the advantages of using packages?

Is there any way to keep a FreeBSD server up to date (both base and userland) using only binaries?
I track site to see which commits are MFC to STABLE, if I find something interesting then I make these:
# svn checkout svn:// /usr/src
# make buildworld kernel KODIR=/boot/test
# nextboot -k test
# ...
I do that about every 2-3 months, but ding it just to have latest system is not a boog idea, recently I updated to latest 9.1-STALE and I lost ability to pass USB devices into Virtualbox

I do not know any binary method out of the box, You may of course setup Your freebsd-update server and update from it binary using freebsd-update:
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