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It's a very "normal" issue if you try to build the Java packages from ports, because the default /usr partition is not large enough for the task. Building Java from source code is resource-intensive, particularly of storage. You would need to add partitions or restructure your disk layout to build large ports like Java.

NOTE: Building ports creates the same packages you have already installed, so building these from ports is not adding any value for you.

You may delete the working directories under /usr/ports/pobj/, which house your partial Java build. That will free up space in /usr immediately.


When you install jre, the binary "java" and other binary executables are placed in their own directory structure, which is not in your $PATH.

Try the following command.

$ pkg_info -L jre | grep bin/java

The pkg_info(1) -L option asks for a list of the files installed by the package. The output is piped to grep(1), which filters for bin/java. You should see two files, one for each version of jre available with OpenBSD 5.9.

That location must be added to your $PATH, or else you must use the full path to the executable.


I couldn't watch that video. I did not have the patience to watch someone slowly typing.

Please note: You are using a third party "how-to" which is specific to a version of this OS which is no longer supported.
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