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Default Storage Management

Originally Posted by Nureo View Post
When I used the Installer, I did choose “Auto layout”...
The automatic partition sizes are set based on the size of the drive and the amount of RAM in the computer. The specifics are described in the AUTOMATIC DISK ALLOCATION section of the disklabel(8) man page.

Your list of mounted filesystems, their size, and current usage percentages can be found with the df(1) command. $ df -h should help you understand what partitions you have, and how full they are.

Unallocated space will only be available if the disk drive is larger than the maximum size allocation of each partition. This will be a drive larger than approximately 350GB, as the size of RAM in the computer will impact the size of swap space and the /var partition.

Automatic disk allocation is fine for most purposes, but it doesn't meet requirements for port builders. Java is one of the larger ports.

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