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Using the new NetBSD 7.1 amd64 cdrom,
I had a similar problem with an old HP Z400 system.

I tried to install NetBSD 7.1 but the installer failed on the newfs /dev/rwd0a ... and said that the hard drive was "read only".

The machine has no EFI and uses MBR for partitioning but
showed this bogus entry in the system log:

dk0 at wd0: EFI system partition
dk0: 102400 block at 2048 type msdos

To fix it I booted a slackware linux install dvd and ran this from the command line:

fixparts /dev/sda

Then type "q" for quit.

It removed an old gpt table at the end of my disk. Then I was able to install NetBSD with no disk problems.

fixparts is a program from the gptfdisk group of GPT partitioning programs.
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