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Default Packages for installation and Ports for upgrade from Release to Stable

Hi!, I'm learning how to manage third-party applications from packages and ports, and i wonder if the following is a correct way to do packages/ports upgrading to stable in a release system:

1. Install a release to disk
2. Install some packages
3. Sync a ports cvs tree for the newest -stable branch with "-rOPENBSD_<release_version>"
4. Run syspatch to update base system
5. Check out-of-date ports after sync with "/usr/ports/infrastructure/out-of-date"
6. Build and install those ports with dpb
7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 until new release
8. Upgrade to a new release
9. Upgrade packages with "pkg_add -u"
10. Repeat steps 3 to 7 until new release

Also, i run in my test system "/usr/ports/infrastructure/out-of-date | tee upgrade_packages" and then "dpb -R upgrade_packages" and i don't get the compiled packages in my $WRKOBJDIR directory, nor the ports got installed, as if i run out-of-date again, i still see the ports that are out-of-date

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