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Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
This is most likely a bug, do you mean your speakers are constantly producing an audio noise immediately when OpenBSD boots? or is the noise noticeable before that happens?

It could be either a hardware problem, or a driver problem... out of curiosities sake, try the following:

1) Set outputs.master.mute to on.
2) Use the UKC or config(8) and try disabling pcppi(4) or azalia(4), either could be causing this audio problem.
3) Boot and install a recent snapshot from a local mirror..

If nothing works, considering filing a bug report.. instructions are available here.
No noise, just normal sound output - if I play an MP3, for instance, it plays on my speakers as well as my headphones - but changing the volume of the various channels does not change the volume of the speakers' output.

(Said volume sounds roughly the same as that of the system beep, actually. Maybe if I turned off the system beep that would get rid of it?)
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