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Originally Posted by daemonfowl View Post
c is famous in prog literature so well as in real UNIX LIFE , but some disencourage beginners like me from choosing c as a first programming language
some went further as to blame c for pushing learners into learning bad programming habits .. I am just quotng here .. I still have no clue how true or false this might turn ..
I'm sure the discouragers have some valid points, and I was surely just showing my biases as much as anything. You did mention C in another post, so I thought you may have had some familiarity with it already. Working a bit with C can not only be an avenue to learn about programming, but also issues to do with compiling, porting etc. For someone starting out, you could leave the to-C-or-not-to-C decision until later, and just keep an eye open and note if there are sufficient times where you thought "gee it would be good if I knew more about C, it would help a lot with <this>".

what do you mean by 'large effort' ?
Well I guess an effort somehow in line with what you get out of it, and not distracting you too much from other important things. Nothing wrong with doing something just for fun, or to learn generally, if you can't stop yourself from going at it . OTOH there are so many programming choices out there nowadays, that it might be easy to start a partly wasted effort to learn language X just because you felt you had to, or it was the cool thing today, if you really had little use for it. Of course you would still get something out of the effort.
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