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Thank you for the additional information, juslaxnern.

I'm still not clear about a few things. Perhaps you can clarify when you post here again.
  • How many local area networks / NICs does your webserver have connected? I ask because there are many possible "DMZ" topologies.
If only one NIC is used: since PF is disabled your problem is in your local network configuration, and not in OpenBSD. That problem is either routing or domain name address resolution. J65nko mentioned the former, I mentioned the latter.

If two or more NICs are used, you might still have a network configuration problem as above, but you may also have misconfigured one of the NICs.

An ASCII "picture" of your network topology, or a link to a graphic would be helpful. Also helpful would be capturing the output from the ifconfig and route commands that we've both suggested.

You may find the script(1) tool useful for capturing console output for later editing/copying/pasting.

In general, the more information you provide to us, the better we can be at helping you. See this guidance for perfect problem reporting.
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