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@roddierod, hi, interesting developments in the FreeBSD world, that! pkgng seems to be worth looking into.

Currently I have installed OpenBSD on a virtualbox in my debian laptop. I will try and see how much I can set it up as a desktop system.

I love Gnome 3 too. For some reason on my office machine, Gnome and GDM failed to startup in spite of the instructions given in /usr/local/share/doc/pkg-readmes/

Gnome/gdm simply errored out with a "something went wrong. log out and try again". I will come back with the specific problem if I encounter it again.

On my office system I have an ATI Rage XL PCI card and it doesn't have 3d support either in Linux or BSD. But even then gnome should work in fallback/failsafe mode.

@jggimi, thanks for your tips. I will keep them in mind.
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