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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
Dillo is a third party package and is not affiliated to OpenBSD in any shape or form. Whatever latest stable release Dillo supports should work on OpenBSD.
As the person who maintains the Dillo port on OpenBSD, I can tell you that I track upstream very closely and I try to get updates into the tree asap. If someone has a problem with Dillo on OpenBSD, you should get in contact with me.

With that said...
Originally Posted by jkl View Post
I know that it's third-party, but that doesn't invalidate my question if there is something like Dillo with a better engine...
I really like NetSurf. They're only starting their HTML5 work but I use it as my primary browser on my OpenBSD/loongson machines and it's a pleasure to work with. Unfortunately, it suffers from some graphical endian bugs so you can only use it on little endian machines. I find it a much better experience over Dillo. It's also a really great project for someone looking to do some dev work. All you need is some C knowledge.

(This post made from an OpenBSD/loongson machine running NetSurf. The forums look great.)
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