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Default [SOLVED]DJBware ports on 4.6-stable (i386) config question


I've been successfully running DJB's software (daemontools, ucspi-tcp and djbdns) on OpenBSD since 4.3, always installing from source according to the instructions from djb's web pages (link not allowed).

However, I am unsuccessfully trying to configure after the install through Arnaud Bergeron's unofficial ports, published on misc_at_openbsd_dot_org on 2008-07-04 DJBware ports (link is not allowed to new users like me so I had to remove it).

Since the discussion at the above link referred the ports as normalized, I assume I shouldn't follow the DJB's instructions, shouldn't create users and shouldn't create /services directory. But I am apparently doing something wrong.

Moreover, there are freedt and ucspi-unix in ports, but djbdns still have damontools and ucspi-tcp as dependencies in djbdns-1.05 port. Therefore, there is no possibility (at least to my limited knowledge) to install only djbdns and start it through /etc/rc.local

I would appreciate all comments and suggestions, for which I am grateful in advance.

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