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Originally Posted by shep View Post
Some more more information may be needed to sort out your The dmesg is a good place to start and if you can record it and post it here all the better. OpenBSD FAQ on saving the dmesg
I'm not sure if I can save the dmesg output, because the system reboots rather quickly

ocicat, thanks, but yes - I've read all this from the official FAQ all these instructions about choosing the right node, like sd0 and so on and so forth...

If it's importnat, I did it this way:

1. plugged in my 512 mb Kingston DataTravel
2. switched on my PC. By the way, it has not any HDD drives, only USB-flash
3. installed the system from CD to my USB-flash [sd0]
4. removed the CD, rebooted. I also played with BIOS.

So, the booting started from the USB, but after some dmesg lines my PC rebooted.
I could boot well only with bsd.rd but you understand that this is not actually what I want to have, as it's functionality is not so full as the 'real system' has :-)

Also some notes:
  • 512 mb usb-flash
  • a / 50 mb
  • e /usr 370 mb
  • f /var all left space
  • 'bsd', 'bsd.rd', 'base' & 'etc' sets installed (also tried without bsd.rd)
I think the problem is in my DDR-II module.
When I bought it yesterday from my friend, he told that the memory can work not well.

I just connected the HDD with OBSD installed onto it (and removed USB flash), and the same situation - the PC reboots.

I'll change the ddr-II module, I hope it will help me

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