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hi everynerd !

I have already installed openbsd 5.0 on an 8g flash .. the process was very easy , ffs (not msdos) and swap double size of ram (4g , in my case )
result : good speed ,, almost no difference from wd0 install ..
of course a flash is fragile and that is why some would advocate using non-journaling .. ext2 or msdos
I treat the installed OS as though it be live so most tasks read-only ..

hardware > acer aspire 5610 , 2g ram , 8g flash , ........

I also once installed netbsd 5.1 but prob with acpi amd smp so I would have to disable both ,, choice 4 ..

ps . some problems may be purely physical ,, bad cluster .. bad magic number here or there if not troublesome may become so later as you start writing on fragile poor little flash .. it happened once .. so I avoid too much writing/formatting ..
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