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Hello BSDfan666,

Thanks for the reply!

I am not totally sure what you mean.

I suppose to answer your question I would say I am talking about both.

Are TLS and sFTP not specific types of communication?

TLS being an addon to FTP; sFTP being SSH-FTP. Both of which from what I can tell occomplish the same sort of thing. (am I wrong?)

The links/forum post I do not believe answer my questions at all. I already know WHAT these terms mean and how to use sFTP (forum post).

My questions:

1. What are the key differences between using TLS and SFTP?

(in terms of security is one vastly superior, does one not do something the other does...etc anything I should be aware of between choosing between them)

2. Does PureFTPd have the ability to support SFTP?

(can I run the sFTP feature through PureFTP's configuration in order to make use of the sFTP security but maintain my other FTP policies - in other words is it possible to use PureFTP with SSH as apposed to TLS/FTPs or is TLS another name for SSH more-or-less?)

3. Will SFTP be compatible with the SQL database for authentication?

(can sFTP (or I suppose SSH) be made to lookup account info through a SQL database/my pureFTP SQL database)

4. Does anyone have any nice walk-throughs regarding this?

(are there any guides that walk through the installation of these on OpenBSD)

Anyway please let me know. If I missed something or need to clerify further let me know. Thanks for your help.
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