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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
Dvtm is console/terminal-emulator manager inspired by dwm (dynamic window manager) tiling manager for X windows system.
It is extremely light program which will allow you to lunch multiple xterm sessions
in the same xterm or even split a console to multiple consoles on the systems which do not run X. All of then is done in tilling fashion so you will have all of your xterms
before your eyes at any given moment.

The full power of dvtm is however in console. How many times did you wish you could have multiple console sessions on a headless server for instance. Now you can.

Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
That looks a lot like BSD window(1), for a person who loves using base utilities.. why use a port Oko?

Have fun.. oh, and as a bonus.. it supports overlapping windows, take that tiled managers!
Are these akin to GNU Screen?

Does BSD Window run in console as Screen and dvtm do? The man page seems to indicate so, but I want to make sure.
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