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@J65nko that will create separate list items for each, it's not very pretty to look at either.

Thanks for the link DrJ, adding a few more documents to my reading list as I type this. I've seen some of them on other sites but not all :-) I originally started with BWKs tutorial, but I've got a copy of the troff users manual by Ossanna and Kernighan stored for inhalation. I'm the kind of person, that if I want to learn something - I go find (or ask for) a point of reference and start munching away at the task at hand; I love documents like these. I think it's more important to learn the troff side right now, so I actually know what is going on behind the scenes.

It seems that the ms and mdoc macro packages will be the meat and potatoes once troff is incorporated into my toolchain, but it can taste a little bit bland to skip the gravy, if you know what I mean DrJ.

@the TeX/troff thread, it interests me intently but more so in the reading-focused capacity, then offering comment in. You are arguably the most knowledgeable person on troff that I've encountered, and likewise OKO on TeX; you both have much more demanding needs of these tools then people like me and many more years of experience with them. Most of what I need done formatting wise, can be done in pure ASCII, aside from inserting images and tables in a /sane/ way.

It's one of my mid-term goals to properly reevaluate troff, TeX, docbook, and texinfo; and find where each belongs in my larger répertoire of tools.

Threads like this one we are posting in, are largely the difference between what I can learn on my own and trying to find the point at which the only way to go forward, is to go around another way; rather then keep walking into things.
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